Longacres Riding Camp - Winter Horse Home Information – 2011

Longacres is a horse show oriented summer riding school, and has a very high quality of horses and ponies. Many people who are considering the purchase of their own horse borrow/free lease a Longacres horse for a season first, so they don't have to make the investment in their own horse until they are sure they will enjoy the responsibility. Others take the same Longacres horse year after year, giving it up for only the 14 week camp season every summer.

MEET THE HORSES Click here to visit our "Meet the Horses" page. You will see that we own real show horses of top quality. All of them are leased out to individuals like you for the many months of the year when we are not open for business. We also loan horses to high quality stables for use in their lesson programs or for sub-lease at their barns.

You will not find a better opportunity to have the use of a top quality horse for little or no investment anyplace!

TO GET A HORSE Make an appointment to visit Longacres and look at a number of horses that might suit your needs, The riding staff at Longacres will ask you where you plan to keep the horse, and how it will be cared for. If you can provide a suitable home for the horse at your own farm, or at a boarding stable, you will be asked to give the Longacres staff three choices of horses that interest you. You will be notified if we feel we have a horse that meets your expectations and we are comfortable with the stable arrangements.

INEXPERIENCED HOMES We prefer to send out horses to people who have previous experience caring for their own horses, or who have other horses of their own already. If you have little experience caring for horse's yourself, we suggest that you make arrangements to keep the horse at a reputable boarding stable, or with a friend who knows horses. It is possible to take a horse if you are not experienced yourself, but it will be necessary to have a more experienced horse person available to help you if you have problems. Many local riding instructors or stable owners will provide you with advice and occasional help for a modest fee.

HOW TO GET TO LONGACRES Take the New York State Thruway to exit #54, and then Rte. #400 to the #20A exit in East Aurora. Turn right on #20A, and follow 20A through the Village of East Aurora (20A is Main Street in East Aurora). Go around the traffic circle at the west end of town, and continue on 20A, west for about a quarter of a mile. Opposite Monroe Muffler, bear left on Mill Road. Follow Mill Road for three miles, you will see our first entrance at 1529 Mill Rd (right hand side) . This is our office - please PASS this ENTRANCE and continue for another ½ mile. Our Barn entrance is located at 1745 Mill Rd. on the right side of Mill. There is a wide gravel drive going 600 feet straight back between the trees, and opening onto several large riding fields. It is the only thing like it in the area. We have decorative split rail fence and small green signs with yellow lettering.

WHEN TO COME? The first step is to stop in while our students are riding and watch the horses go so you have an idea which ones might be good for you. We ride Monday through Friday, 10AM to Noon, 3:00 to 5:00 PM and 7:15 to 8:00 PM. You may stop here any of those times to watch the horses. You must then return for a second visit and interview with our staff on any Monday or Wednesday at 7:15 PM. We encourage you to visit more than once to watch the horses in action, and to ask our riders questions about the way the horses ride. (Although appointments are not necessary, it is helpful if you call to let us know you are coming at any particular time, as we sometimes take unexpected field trips.)

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WHAT WILL IT COST? There is no direct lease charge for taking a horse.

Horse Trucking

You are responsible for the cost of trucking the horse from Longacres to your stable, and back again the following June. We do require you use our approved trucker or another approved professional horse hauling service. Horse trucking charges are a little over $2.00 per loaded mile, with a $75 minimum. A RETURN TRUCKING DEPOSIT also must be made before you take a horse, which will cover the cost of shipping the horse back to Longacres at the end of your lease term. These are the ONLY deposits we require ahead of time. All other expenses are for normal routine bills that you would pay where you keep the horse boarded.                                                                                

Required Insurance and Vet Costs:

We do require mortality insurance to be purchased for some of our more expensive show horses for the term of the agreed loan period. In any case, you are responsible for the agreed value of the horse in case of an accidental death or fatal injury. Mortality insurance to cover this risk is approximately $450 - $550 for basic accidental death coverage (that is all that is required) - $800 or so for the more comprehensive policies including vet coverage for one year. (You may obtain your own insurance or purchase a waiver from us at similar cost.)

Vet Costs:

Vet costs are the responsibility of the borrower/leasee. Normally, you can expect routine expenses for seasonal shots that your stable might require, and it is common for a horse to require one or two routine vet visits a year for treatment of minor cuts, or illnesses. Great vet costs are always a possibility with horses. If your horse gets a serious colic (stomach ache, basically), or other serious injury, it is possible to run up bills of $2000 or more. We STRONGLY recommend that you purchase insurance that covers such unexpected vet expense.

Vet Cost Limits

Your lease contract will specify an agreed value of the horse you take from Longacres. You will not be expected to pay vet bills that are estimated by a vet to be over and above the agreed value of the horse. In case of very serious illness or injury, we will consult with the borrower, your stable, and a vet to determine the best course of action. We do not expect heroic vet measures or surgery with uncertain results. We are realistic and will approve euthanizing a very sick or badly injured horse before you spend great sums on vet care. Should you find yourself very attached to a horse and prefer to move forward with expensive vet care, we will advise you as best we can, but will not be responsible for the vet bills.

Options for Terminating a Lease:

By signing a Longacres free lease agreement, you are accepting responsibility for a horse for the agreed term, for better or for worse. Usually things go well and it is a good arrangement for everyone. But horses are fragile creatures and can go lame, sometimes for months, or have other health problems. In the case of permanent injury or catastrophic illness, we will consult in good faith and will agree to euthanizing a horse with little prospect of recovery.

More often, you might be put in a position of having a horse that needs several months of rest. We are always open to approving a move to a less expensive barn if a horse needs extended rest. Good care can be arranged in our part of the country for $350 to $500 a month, far less than what some of our customers pay in major metropolitan areas. You will be responsible for such costs, but they can be much less than what you might have to pay in your area.


We prefer that you supply your own saddle and bridle, but if that is not possible, we can rent you a saddle and bridle for $350 for the year (if available). We use all English equipment, though most of our horses ride very well western style.

Private Horse Care Costs:

If you have your own stable, you can expect to pay about $200 per month for feed and bedding for a horse; a little less for a small pony. You will also need the services of a blacksmith about every two months. If you board at a commercial stable, you may pay anywhere from $285 to over $500 per month in rural areas – MUCH more in major metro areas. Quality English riding stables may charge much higher rates.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Camp Longacres, 1529 Mill Road, East Aurora, NY 14052 (716 - 652 - 9495) or visit our website - www.longacres.com and follow the link on the home page for the Winter Home Loan Information





Longacres Winter Horse Home Contract 2011 Camp Longacres, 1529 Mill Road, East Aurora, NY 14052 (716-652-9495)

Anyone borrowing a Camp Longacres horse for the winter, (non-camp months), is completely responsible for the horse's care as though it were their own horse. This care includes the horse's board, feed, blacksmithing, and any veterinarian costs. The borrower is also responsible for trucking the horse both from and back to Camp Longacres. A trucking deposit, (proportioned by mileage) and tack rental fee, if required, must be submitted before the horse may be removed from the premises. The trucking deposit will be refunded to the borrower when the horse and any tack equipment is returned to the camp at the end of the agreed term. Any deposit will be forfeited should a horse be returned before its scheduled time. NOTE: should a borrower return a horse before the agreed term has expired without arranging for someone else acceptable to the camp to take over the care of the horse, the borrower shall be responsible for the costs of boarding the horse at the prevailing rates for the balance of the agreed term, or until the camp places the horse with a new home. BORROWERS are responsible for vet expenses. We strongly recommend, but do not require that you obtain insurance coverage for such possible vet expenses. (major medical insurance coverage is available as an option to most horse mortality insurance policies).

LIABILITY WAIVER & RELEASE: The borrower assumes full responsibility for any damages or personal injury caused by the horse while it is in his possession. The horse shall be considered in the borrower's possession from the time the horse leaves the Longacres stable until the time that the horse is returned to the camp at the end of the agreed term. It is Specifically agreed that Camp Longacres assumes NO LIABILITY for any damage or injury caused by the horse while it is in the borrower's possession. While it is expected the proper care and treatment will be given to borrowed horses, the camp shall not hold the borrower responsible for the death of a horse due to natural causes or illness. Borrowers ARE responsible for reimbursing Longacres for the agreed value of the horse in case of accidental death from an injury, such as broken leg, or other trauma.

Deposits will be refunded upon presentation of the borrower's copy of this contract along with a complete record of blacksmith and vet visits to be kept on the back of this form.

Name of Horse:______________________________ a Camp Longacres horse will be placed for the period beginning (approx.) late August, 2011 and ending late May 2012.

Agreed Value of This Horse: _______________________

With Name: ____________________________________________ phone: _______________________

Address: _______________________________________________cell phone:_____________________

_________________________________________email address________________________________

Name and age of Riders ________________________________________________________________ Person we may contact if you cannot be reached in an emergency (extended family member or close friend): Name:__________________Phone: _________________________Cell Phone______________________

The above horse will be stabled at: Address above: ____; If other, fill out below:

Stable Name _____________________________________________Phone ________________________

Stable Address _________________________________________________________________________ (Give complete directions from Longacres to your stable on the back of this form)

A total fee of: ______________has been paid and shall be applied as follows:

_________________Trucking deposit ______________________Tack Rental Printed Name of person responsible for this horse during the agreed time period:______________________

I have read the above agreement and accept all of its terms:

Signed: _____________________________________________ Date: _________