Longacres 2002 Video Tapes Available:

To order: specify tape # and subject, and send us a check for $30 for the first tape and $20 for any additional tapes plus $3 shipping fee. We should be able to ship to you within ten days.


Longacres 2002 Horse Video Tape Log


Following is a list of the video tapes we took at Longacres in 2002. Most are an hour of riding, but some are less. We cannot be more specific about exactly what is on each tape than we are in the below descriptions without putting in many hours watching and cataloging each scene - which we donít have the time to do. You are welcome to order any of these tapes - we give them to a duplicating service to make your copies. The charge is $30 for your first tape and $20 for each additional tape on VHS. You may order them on D8 or DV tape for the additional cost of those tapes. All are on digital masters taken on good 3-chip cameras. Any tape containing less than half an hour may be returned or you can keep it and have a credit of half the price.


(Those of you coming to Longacres for the first time will note that we took almost 30 hours of video this summer and analized it all, often in slow motion!)

- Tom


#1 First day or two of riding, June 23rd and 24th

#2 June 25th and 26th riding

#3 LA show 6-28 first tape

#4 LA show 6-28 second tape (jumpers)

#5 Chestnut Ridge show 7-4-02

#6 High Times show tape #1 7-7-02

#7 High Times show tape #2

#8 Grid jumping 7-12-02

#9 LA riding 7-12-02

#10 LA show 7-19-02 tape #1

#11 LA show 7-19-02 tape #2 & 7-20 practice rides

#12 LA riding on 7-24-02 (first day 2nd session)

#13 LA show 7-26-02

#14 LA show 7-26-02 tape #2 and some bloopers!

#15 Long Snap show 8-1-02

#16 LA show 8-8-02 tape #1

#17 LA show 8-8-02 tape #2

#18 Erie Co Fair Ring 2 #1

#19 Erie Co Fair Ring 2 #2

#20 High jumping 8-16-02 and bull riding at Fair

#21 New Hunt course 8-21-02, triple, interview Marce

#22 Horseless horseshow and fun

#23 Interviews, Tovah and Marce

#24 D8, LA show 6-29-02 (outside course )

#25 Chestnut Ridge 7-4-02 hunter ring

#26 Pond Jumping 7-17-02

#27 LA show 7-19-02 outside course

#28 LA show 7-26-02 outside and Long Snap show outside

#29 ECF Jumpers Tuesday

#30 ECF jumpers Thursday